Bulgarian folk music has many friends worldwide. They form groups and learn Bulgarian songs and dances. Gega New has already presented one of them – “Topolovo” Orchestra from France (GD 148). We continue this initiative by releasing a CD of yet another group – BALKAN TRANSIT, Denmark The group was formed in 1988 in Aarhus. Its five musicians learn Bulgarian songs and melodies with great love and enthusiasm. They are assisted in their work by famous Bulgarian musicians. They especially appreciate their collaboration with Yanka Rupkina, Manol Mihailov and the kaval player Stoyan Velichkov. This program is a result of their cooperation.


Recorded in 2004-2006 at Future Force Audio, Viby J., Denmark, and Breve Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria


  • Track Listing

    Featuring Yanka Rupkina:

    [1] Vida e rano ranila 3’50’’

    [2] Bulko Erinko 4’15’’

    [3] Muri Maro, jaltan Maro 3’07’’

    Balkan Transit:

    [4] Neranza and Trakiiska ruchenitsa 4’45’’

    [5] Petruno, pile shareno 3’20’’

    [6] Didinata 3’54’’

    Featuring Manol Mihailov:

    [7] Shterku Radu 3’40’’

    [8] Udolo ide pashata 4’31’

    [9] Gledajte, ochi 4’30’’

    [10] Dona na porti stoeshe 3’04’’

    Balkan Transit:

    [11] Tumnina 4’11’’

    [12] Rado, Rajne le 2’41’’

    [13] Novozagorska ruchenitsa and Stella Nova 5’31’’

    Featuring Yanka Rupkina:

    [14] Bjal vjatar 4’27’’

    [15] Svurnah stado 5’33’’

    [16] Peperuda 4’38’’

    DDD 66’07’’

  • Participating

    Yanka Rupkina, Manol Mihailov
    BALKAN TRANSIT consists of: Gunner Byskov - E-bass, backing vocal; Poul Berg - tambura; Lotte Kielberg – accordion, backing vocal; Bjarne A. Kofoed – vocal, backing vocal, tupan, tambourine, percussion; Simon Leunbach – kaval, backing vocal.