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The Orchestra of virtuosos of the Bulgarian National Radio was created in 1952. The first main body was the so-called “Group from Ugarchin”, led by Tsvyatko Blagoev – a famous wooden flute, pipe and bagpipe performer. Gradually the orchestra was joined by such prominent soloists as Atanas Valtchev, Kostadin Varimezov, Stoyan Velitchkov, Rumen Sirakov, Mihail Marinov and many other younger musicians: Lyubomir Vladimirov, Theodosii Spassov… Among the ensemble’s distinguished soloists are: Kostadin Gugov, Yovcho Karaivanov, Yanka Rupkina, Nadka Karadjova, Kalinka Zgurova, Nadejda Hvoineva. A number of young and famous artists have made their first recordings for the National Radio exactly with this orchestra. Many composers have been inspired by the orchestra’s exceptional professionalism and they have written their best works and songs especially for this ensemble, knowing that the performance of their works will be of utmost quality.

For many years the orchestra was conducted by Kosta Kolev, and the best and most prolific years of the ensemble are connected with his name. Hristofor Radanov continues to lead the orchestra after him since 1990. Mr. Radanov graduated from the State Academy of Music in Sofia, where he studied clarinet under Prof. Petko Radev. His twenty-five years of experience as a member of symphony and wind orchestras, folk groups and big bands is reflected in his work as conductor of the orchestra. Because of this he is even described as the “contemporary representative of the Bulgarian music tradition”.

The programme on this CD marks the 70th anniversary of the Bulgarian National Radio and presents separate performances of the Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra, as well as accompaniments to soloists from different folk regions in Bulgaria.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Gornooryahovsko daichovo horo 3'29''

    [2] More, sokol piye (A Falcon Finds Water) 4'06''

    [3] Gornooryahovsko pravo horo 2'47''

    [4] Oi, shoppe, shoppe 2'11''

    [5] Tsvetini melodii (Tzveta's Melodies) 3'56''

    [6] Ya, izliaz, Donke (Come on out, Donka) 2'02''

    [7] Gornooryahovsko elenino horo 2'49''

    [8] Оi, Minke, Мinke 2'36"

    [9] Omaino bile (Charming Herbs) 2'44''

    [10] Shte hodya, mamo, na gurbet (Mother, I'll Go abroad to Make a Living) 5'50''

    [11] Gornooryahovsha devyatka 4'24''

    [12] Sabra, Kalina, sedianka (Working-bee at Kalina's House) 2'29''

    [13] Gornooryahovsko chorbadjiysko horo 3'25''

    [14] Dve sa momi momuvali (Two Young Ladies) 2'29''

    [15] Slow Song and Pravo horo 4'33''

    [16] Dai mi, mamo (Give me, Mother) 4'32''

    [17] Gornooryahovska ruchenitsa 2'43''

    [18] Kak? (How?) 3'26''

    [19] Sunla (Dreaming) 2'54''

    [20] Shopsko nastroenie (In a Shoppe Mood) 2'18''

    DDD 65'43''

  • Performed by

    Soloists: Kostadin Gugov, Snejana Borissova, Kounka Zhelyazkova, Ivan Varimezov (bagpipe), Danislav Kehaiov, Todor Kozhuharov, Hristina Boteva, Binka Dobreva, Gergana Dimitrova, Maria Koleva and the Avrena Quartet, Kostadin Genchev (kaval), Donka Koleva, Rossen Genkov (gadulka)

    Children’s Vocal Group “Radiodetsa”- conducted by Ilina Todorova

    Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra
    Hristofor Radanov, conductor

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