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Wind orchestra music in Bulgaria has an interesting history. First came the military wind orchestras, which were also the first professional music ensembles after Bulgaria’s liberation from the Ottoman rule in 1878. They were created along with organizing the army. In March 1879, the first military wind orchestra was formed in Tarnovo. In the beginning, they performed marches, waltzes, overtures, mazurkas, etc. They thus set the ground for the genre called horos for wind orchestra, whose founder is the legendary Diko Iliev. His horos are a real inspiration for his younger followers. One of his most talented students was Andrei Vrachanski (1915-1990). He is the author of nearly 130 works, out of which 52 are horos. They are inspired by a specific story or experience, and to this day are among the most performed and loved by the people. Andrei Vrachanski began his studies as a student of Diko Iliev and bandmaster Alexander Wainer at the Wind Orchestra of the 36th Infantry Regiment of Kozloduy in 1935. Later, as a military musician in the regiment of Krumovgrad, he wrote his first horo pieces and thus lay the foundation of his rich and varied work. By the end of his life, Andrei Vrachanski conducted many choirs, taught young musicians and wrote music for his favourite wind orchestras. He presented many of his songs himself to the orchestras, and he composed others by order. These were the times when parts and scores of music were copied by hand and reproduced on a stencil duplicator, and the author was not mentioned. For this reason, some of the works of Andrei Vrachanski were attributed to other composers. This mistake was eventually corrected and today his horo pieces are part of the repertoire of wind orchestras. The orchestras play them on festive occasions, at concerts or recordings and the listeners regard them as real folk horos. This is the greatest recognition that an artist can receive!


  • Track Listing

    [1] Moyata godenitsa (My fiancée) 4:30

    [2] V detskata gradina (In the kindergarten) 3:28

    [3] Shegoviti startsi (Joking old men) 2:00

    [4] Veselata trakiyka (The merry Thracian woman) 3:26

    [5] Iz Dunavskata ravnina (Across the Danube plain) 4:54

    [6] Na selskia bunar (By the village well) 3:40

    [7] Selanovsko horo 4:11

    [8] Na zelenata polyana (On the green meadow) 4:25

    [9] Severnyashki momi (Severnyashki girls) 2:53

    [10] Veselo sartse (Cheerful heart) 2:59

    [11] Pelevunski momi (Pelevunian girls) 4:35

    [12] Zashto me zabravi (Why did you forget me) 2:27

    [13] Palavite vnuchki (The naughty granddaughters) 3:23

    [14] Borovanka 3:09

    [15] Dunavski biser (Danube pearl) 3:26

    [16] Veselite devoiki (The merry young ladies) 2:22

    [17] Kokoneshte vlashko kasapsko 2:37

    Total: 58:34

  • Participating

    Sofia Wind Orchestra
    Dotso Vatkov, conductor

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