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Tomislav Baynov has included in his CD famous works by J. P. Rameau, Chopin and Liszt - composers who have had an enormous influence over the development of keyboard music and techniques. Educated and formed up as a performer in the traditions of the Bulgarian and the great German keyboard schools, Baynov interprets with knowledge of the style peculiarities and a good sense of musicality to phrasing and dynamics two of the most popular pieces by Chopin - the Sonata in B minor and Liszt - the Sonata in B flat major. In an effective, dramatic and figurative manner of performance, the pianist re-creates the atmosphere of Chopin's Sonata, its build up of contrasts and complicated mode-interlaced design. The one-movement unique composition by Liszt presents Baynov not only as a virtuoso player, who has mastered the great resources of the instrument, but also as musician-philosopher capable of penetrating deep into the author's ideas and messages, of taking them out of the music score and converting them into emotional impulses and suggestions. Jean-Philippe Rameau is not only one of the founders of the French keyboard school in the 18th century, but also as a creative artist who has left an enormous heritage, in which the foundations of the great pianistic West-European culture lie. The performance of Gavotte with Variations is an example of Rameau's stylistics. Baynov plays with subtlety, utmost lucidity of phrasing and achieves a sound, reminiscent of the ancient harpsichord, the composer had been playing on in his time.


  • Track Listing

    JEAN-PHILIPPE RAMEAU (1683-1764)

    [1] Gavotte with Variations 6'22"

    FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN (1810-1849)

    Sonata in B flat minor, op. 35

    [2] Grave. Doppio movimento 7'25"

    [3] Scherzo 6'44"

    [4] Marche funèbre 8'45"

    [5] Finale. Presto 1'25"

    FRANZ LISZT (1811 - 1886)

    [6] Sonata in B minor 27'49"

    DDD 58'44"

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