Violoncellist Robin Clavreul and pianist Boris Nedeltchev present a programme of works by Henri Duparc and Francis Poulenc, two French composers who are fairly unknown in Bulgaria. The first one was associated with the epoch of French Romanticism, the second, a creative artist of the 20th century, one of Les Six. Duparc's Sonata for Violoncello and Piano is a brilliant work, of a fluent form and spontaneity of feeling, expressed by a 19-year old youth, brought up in the great French traditions. The masterfully written violoncello part offers a good opportunity to reveal the interpreter's emotional stanza. The recording highlights not only the temperament of the author, but also that of the performer, a pianist possessing a superb tone, a virtuoso who makes the violoncello sing. The same goes about Romance de Mignon. Poulenc's Sonata, was written in a period of creative maturity, after a number of works which brought their composer world fame. The four parts bear original titles, which bear evidence to their genre origin and content. The work is characteristically brilliant and impetuous, featuring good balance between tempo and mood, melody and recitative, rhythm and emotion. Together with the excellent pianist Boris Nedeltchev, Clavreul offers original performance fascinating the listener with sensitiveness and outburst of emotions.


  • Track Listing


    Sonate pour violoncelle et piano (1867)

    [1] Introducton - presto appassionato 6'05''

    [2] 2e mouvement 1'51''

    [3] Andante furioso 5'05''

    [4] Romance de Mignon 5'17''


    Sonate pour violoncelle et piano

    [5] Allegro - tempo di marcia 5'23''

    [6] Cavatine 5'48''

    [7] Ballabile 3'05''

    [8] Finale 6'03''

    DDD 38'37"

  • Participating

    Robin Clavreul, violoncello

    Boris Nedeltchev, piano