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Georgi Arnaoudov · Compositions

Georgi Arnaoudov's CD "Compositions" is a showcase of the great Bulgarian contemporary music composer's most popular works. With titles like "The Circle of Rites" and "Ritual," it's clear that Arnaoudov is dedicated to imbuing ancient messages with new musical meaning, creating pieces that carry the weight of centuries-old traditions. This CD serves as a testament to Arnaoudov's skill and creativity as a contemporary music composer.

Georgi Arnaoudov · Compositions


[1] The Circle of Rites- for soprano and chamber ensemble based on ancient Sanskrit texts 19'26"

[2] Ritual I for solo piano 7'27"

[3] Incarnation dans la lumlere (Ritual II) for solo piano 8'50"

[4] Borges Fragment (Ritual III) for solo cello 5'26"

[5] Kyrie (Summe Deus) for soprano and chamber ensemble 20'12"

DDD 61'41"

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