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Georgi Arnaoudov is a composer who stood out in the generation which entered Bulgarian musical life in the 1980s. His works are marked by originality evident in both the manner of structuring and the characteristic features of sound-combinations, modes and timbres. He is the author of symphonies, concerto opuses, ballets and a number of chamber-instrumental works. What interests him most are the deep roots of Bulgarian folk music, Gregorian religious art, as well as the ancient Asian cultures. For his CD he has selected some of his most popular compositions, which have been included in the repertoire of recording companies and a number of Bulgarian instrumentalists. Titles like "The Circle of Rites", "Ritual" suggest the author's ambition to give new musical meaning to ancient messages, carried on throughout the centuries. Each of the compositions begins in a peculiar way, from one tone only; then it becomes a thread, which - being drawn out, twisted and re-twisted - turns the initial "silence" and inaction into an exciting musical flow and ends into the "silence" from the beginning again.


  • Track Listing

    [1] The Circle of Rites- for soprano and chamber ensemble based on ancient Sanskrit texts 19'26"

    [2] Ritual I for solo piano 7'27"

    [3] Incarnation dans la lumlere (Ritual II) for solo piano 8'50"

    [4] Borges Fragment (Ritual III) for solo cello 5'26"

    [5] Kyrie (Summe Deus) for soprano and chamber ensemble 20'12"

    DDD 61'41"

  • Participating

    Soloists: Emilia Maximova (soprano), Christo Pavlov (flute), Boyan Vodenicharov (piano), Kalina Krusteva (cello)
    Musica Nova Ensemble
    Plamen Djouroff, conductor

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