The release features three of the most outstanding opuses of Georgi Tutev, a representative of Bulgaria's music avant-garde. The composer wrote a relatively small number of opuses, mainly in the chamber-instrumental and symphonic genres. The years of work on almost every composition of his speak of mature consideration and precision, of logical coherence. In Tutev's music one finds artistic achievements worthy of respect, rather than mere experiments. The first piece on this CD, Metamorphoses for 13 Stringed Instruments belongs to the early period of his work, while Longing for the Lost Harmony presents the composer both as a musician and as a philosopher. Here he expressed in sounds his thoughts and feelings regarding music technique - in the perspective of the time that has passed from 18th c. classicism to the last decades of the 20th century, when the harmonic supports and rules that were once set by composers like Haydn and Mozart were finally rejected. Tutev's aim was to make a dialogue with that long-passed time and its aesthetics. His "longings" lead the listener to the spiritual world of the composer, who longs for the lost harmony between Man and Nature, between mankind itself. The composition of Calvinomuosaik is very original. This is one of the last pieces of Georgi Tutev. It was written on commission of the German Radio, Cologne and the composer's inspiration for writing it came from the novel "The Invisible Cities" by the Italian writer Italo Calvino.