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In their debut album INITIO, Joanna Kamenarska and Irina Georgieva bring together they bring their exceptional talents and interpretive skills to the works of Faure, Prokofiev, and Wieniawski, offering a breathtaking and emotional rendition of these classical pieces.

From the lyrical beauty of Faure's music to the fiery virtuosity of Prokofiev's compositions, INITIO presents a captivating musical journey for listeners!




Initio. Faure · Prokofiev · Wieniawski


    Sonata No. 1 in A major for Violin & Piano Op. 13

    [1] Allegro molto 9’25’’

    [2] Andante 7’08’’

    [3] Allegro vivo 4’00’’

    [4] Allegro quasi presto 5’43’’


    Sonata No. 1 in F minor for Violin & Piano Op. 80

    [5] Andante assai 7’35’’

    [6] Allegro brusco 6’55’’

    [7] Andante 8’26’’

    [8] Allegrissimo - Andante assai, come prima 7’49’’


    [9] Fantaisie brillante on Themes from Gounod's "Faust" Op. 20 18’54’’

    DDD: 76’00’’

  • Joanna Kamenarska, violin
    Irina Georgieva, piano

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