Hauer is an Austrian musician, composer and theorist who began his creative work in the daybreak of the 20th century under the influence of Impressionism. From the 1910s onwards he was ideologically and aesthetically associated with the twelve-tone technique, a composition system created by the Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg. The pieces included in the compact disc present the evolution of Hauer's style: starting with Nomos, op. 2 and reaching to the composed in the last decade of his life pieces named Zwölftonspiel (A twelve-tone play).

The pianist Anna Petrova underlines the character of Hauer's style of composing and his mastery of "playing" with the motifs-series in their combinations and sound colours. Particularly poetic is the performing of the clavier pieces on verses from Hölderlin's poetry and inspired by them. In them there is a harmony between verses, ideas, tone reproducing and compositional methodology. Hauer is a relatively lesser-known composer and because of that the CD has also a historical significance as a sounds document of his creative work accessible to anyone who is interested in new music and developmental processes of the musical ideas during the 20th century.


Recorded in Bulgaria Concert Hall, Sofia


  • Track Listing

    [1] Nomos, Op. 2 8'41''

    [2] Seven little pieces, Op. 3 7'15''

    [3] Dance, Op. 10 5'26''

    [4] Five little pieces, Op. 15 3'19''

    [5] Phantasie, Op. 17 4'02''

    Piano pieces after lines by Fr. Hölderlin, Op. 25

    [6] 1. Your waves played about me 0'55''

    [7] 2. There, russet flames touch the grey clouds 1'11''

    [8] 3. Hail to thee, ye sheltering clouds, ye pastures, resting solitary beside me! 0'45''

    [9] 4. Ye beautiful-sided woods painted on the green slope 1'46''

    [10] 5. Like a blessing, smilingly the Ether leant over silver clouds 1'43''

    [11] 6. Springs pass away, one year displaces the other 1'09''

    [12] 7. Now rests in its fullest the autumn day 1'21''

    [13] 8. Where the ocean air cools the hot shores and rustles through the laurel forest 1'17''

    [14] 9. From heaven, through their trees, the light smiles benignly on the industrious 0'56''

    [15] 10. Yet, as roses, the gentle life was fleeting 1'15''

    [16] 11. Full of stars comes the enraptured Night 1'11''

    [17] 12. Grace blooms, as once upon a time 0'54''

    [18] 13. Lost in the blue vastness 2'12''

    [19] 14. But heavy into the valley hung the gigantic, destiny-conscious castle, torn to its foundations by wind and weather 1'05''

    [20] 15. More nimble now and alert, the fountain rushes on 0'32''

    [21] 16. And ye force your way from within the strong roof 1'00''

    [22] Zwölftonspiel (New Year 1947) 4'41''

    [23] Zwölftonspiel (19th February 1953) 1'16''

    DDD 54'44''

  • Participating Artist

    ANNA PETROVA, piano