This is yet another release from the series of Slavonic Orthodox Chants in Gega New's catalogue. The Male Choir of the Sveta Nedelya Cathedral in Sofia is one of the oldest Bulgarian church choirs, whose foundation (1897) and development is associated with the name of the great Bulgarian musician Nikolai Nikolaev. He is one of the founding fathers of musical life in Bulgaria, and is connected with the establishment of some of the first musical institutions in the country. Currently, the choir is directed by Kiril Popov and he has dedicated this programme to the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. The release presents chants from the All Night Vigil and the Holy Liturgy, strictly observing the order of performance in the Divine Service used in common practice nowadays. Some of the chants are original works by Petar Dinev and Dobri Hristov (Bulgaria), and by the Russian composers Alexander Grechaninov, Pavel Chesnokov, Ipolitov-Ivanov, etc. The release also includes arrangements made by different musicians throughout the years. The authentic sounding as well as the participation of priests makes this recording invaluable. The performance of the choir has achieved the characteristic emotional and psychological effect resulting from the diction and the manner of sounding.


Recorded at the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia, in 1999


  • Track Listing


    [1] O Come, Let Us Worship 1'25"

    [2] Praise the Lord, o My Soul 2'38"

    [3] Blessed Is the Man 1'41"

    [4] O Gladsome Radiance 3'07"

    [5] Lord, Now Lettest Thou Thy Servant2'11"

    [6] Hail, o Virgin, Birth-Giver of God and Blessed Be the Name of the Lord 

    (Eastern chant, mode 5, harmonized by K.Popov) 2'23"

    [7] Praise Ye the Name of the Lord  2'13"


    [8] Great Litany - D. Hristov 6'39"

    [9] Bless the Lord, o My Soul (Ps. 102/103/) 2'15"

    [10] O Only Begotten Son 2'11"

    [11] In Thy Kingdom - D. Hristov, arr. by K. Popov 2'33"

    (on motifs from the Bolgarskii rospev")

    [12] Holy God - D. Hristov (on motifs from Bolgarskii rospev) 2'07"

    [13] Litany of Fervent Supplication  4'39"

    [14] Cherubic Hymn (for pontifical liturgy)  8'52"

    [15] A Mercy of Peace - Inogo (other) rozpev 6'23"

    [16] Meet It Is  2'27"

    [17] Our Father (The Lord's Prayer) 2'47"

    [18] Shout with Joy to the Lord (from Ps. 65 /66/) 3'15"

    [19] The "Many Years" Prayer - K. Popov 1'46"

    DDD 62'10"

  • Participating

    Soloists: Archpriest K. Yanchin, Archpriest T. Kazakin, G. Mikov,
    Archpriest M. Minchev, Protodeacon S. Markov, M. Ferdotov

    Conductor: Kiril Popov