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The Pietro Paolo Bugeja's compositions are known for their intricate harmonies, expressive melodies, and stunning choral arrangements. This collection of sacred music, featuring powerful and expressive compositions that showcase Bugeja's remarkable talent and creativity.
This CD is a must-have for anyone interested in discovering the rich musical heritage of Malta and the exceptional work of Pietro Paolo Bugeja. With impeccable performances and recording quality, this album is a testament to the dedication and excellence of the musicians and producers involved in this project.
Get ready to be transported to a world of intricate harmonies and profound spirituality with the music of Pietro Paolo Bugeja on this remarkable CD.

Pietro Paolo Bugeja · Messa Solenne

  • MESSA SOLENNE per soli, coro e orchestra (1827)
    [1] Kyrie 8’05’’
    [2] Gloria in excelsis Deo 3’05’’
    [3] Laudamus te 3’05’’
    [4] Gratias agimus tibi 3’42’’
    [5] Domine Deus 3’45’’
    [6] Qui tollis 3’18’’
    [7] Quoniam Tu Solus Santus 2’57’’
    [8] Cum Sancto Spirito 7’23’’
    [9] Credo 9’16’’
    [10] Sanctus 2’39’’
    [11] Benedictus 3’01’’
    [12] Agnus Dei 5’40’’
    ORATORIO 'Gioas re di Giuda (1813)
    [13] Sinfonia in re maggiore 8’46’’
    DDD 64’49’’


  • Anita Vella Bondin – soprano; Connie Francis Zerafa - mezzo soprano; Joseph Aquilina – tenor; Anthony Montebello – bass

    The Mirabitur Choir; The Jubal Orchestra

    Rev. John Galea - conductor

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