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Pirin Ensemble Presents: Militse · Its Folk Orchestra

Pirin Ensemble: Militse · Its Folk Orchestra presents a unique blend of traditional and modern melodies that captivate audiences of all ages. The orchestra’s mastery of traditional Bulgarian instruments, such as the kaval, gadulka, and tambura, brings a rich and authentic sound to each performance. With their energetic and passionate playing, the Ensemble creates an electrifying atmosphere. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the power and beauty of Bulgarian folk music through this exceptional ensemble.

Pirin Ensemble Presents: Militse · Its Folk Orchestra


[1] Ethno Balkan Melodies 5’01’’

[2] Melodies for Tambura  3’08’’

[3] Militse  4’17’’

[4] Gaida kolo   4’08’’

[5] Wallacian Whims  3’15’’

[6] Harvest and Dance   6’10’’

[7] Youth Suite  5’27’’

[8] Bouchimish  3’16’’

[9] Melodies for Orchestra  3’37’’

[10] Razlog Melodies   3’08’’

[11] A Piece for Soloists and Orchestra  5’21’’

DDD 46’53’’

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