In its third CD the Sofia Boys' Choir presents sacred music for choir and organ by Mozart, Gounod and Zelioli. With the musicianship already known to the fans of the choir, the boys sing the Masses by Gounod and Zelioli, an Italian composer and organ player from the first half of the 20th century. The international choral competition in Lecco is established in his name and the First Prize of this competition was awarded to the Sofia Boys' Choir. Zelioli's mass Laudate Dominum omnes gentes, as well as Messa facile et melodica are sung by the choir with exquisiteness of sound and crystal-clear voices, both qualities required by this style of music. The conductor, Adriana Blagoeva has not only fathomed the musical essence of the West-European ecclesiastic singing, but she has added liveliness and expressiveness to the pieces, revealing to the listener the deep meaning of the religious texts. Thus, everyone who hears the pieces included in this CD will feel not only the satisfaction from their musical perfection, but will also understand the accents in the texts with their moral and ethical messages.


Recorded in Bulgaria Concert Hall, Sofia


  • Track Listing

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

    [1] Ave Maria 4'02"

    [2] Ave verum corpus 3'22"

    Charles Gounod 

    Messe No. 4 in C major

    [3] Kyrie 3'56"

    [4] Gloria 5'03"

    [5] Sanctus 2'18"

    [6] O salutaris hostia 2'13"

    [7] Agnus Dei 3'01"

    Giuseppe Zelioli (1880 - 1949)

    [8] Laudate Dominum omnes gentes 2'26"

    [9] Regina coeli 1'31"

    [10] Agnus Dei 2'15"

    Messa facile e melodica

    [11] Kyrie 1'46

    [12] Gloria 4'08"

    [13] Credo 4'33"

    [14] Sanctus 1'28"

    [15] Benedictus 0'46"

    [16] Agnus Dei 1'18"

    DDD 44'56"

  • Participating


    Atanas Atanasov, organ

    Adriana Blagoeva, conductor