The CD includes two popular pieces of Baroque music: Vivaldi's The Four Seasons and Händel's Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 9. These are not only paragons of mastery and innovation but also works which present to the performers the opportunity to demonstrate sound culture, attitude towards the peculiarities of the Baroque style, virtuosity and keen sense of music-making. Named after the four seasons, the concertos are a touchstone for the mastery of both orchestra and soloist. This is the flute version of the work, performed by Professor Lydia Oshavkova, famous not only at home but also in many countries in the world. An excellent interpreter of Renaissance and Baroque music, Oshavkova possesses all the qualities necessary to rank her among the most remarkable flutists of today. Her performances feature flexibility of metre and rhythm, beautiful tone, freedom of expression and technical stability. Conductor Nikolai Boyadjiev's Ladies' Chamber Orchestra consists of prominent professionals from leading symphony orchestras of Bulgaria. They have achieved remarkable synchrony, expressiveness and flexibility of reactions. Nikolai Boyadjiev was trained in the music academies of Warsaw and Vienna and specialised with the world-famous Professor George Szell. Since 1968 he has been living in German, where he conducts different opera and symphony orchestras.

Recorded in Bulgaria Concert Hall, Sofia, June 1998


  • Details

    Le Quatro Stagioni - The Four Seasons 
    Concerto I in E major - La Primavera / Spring
    [1] Allegro 3'27"
    [2] Largo 2'52"
    [3] Allegro 4'21"
    Concerto II in G minor - L'Estate / Summer
    [4] Allegro non molto 5'10"
    [5] Adagio 2'16"
    [6] Presto 2'56"
    Concerto III in F major - L'Autunno / Autumn
    [7] Allegro. Larghetto. Allegro molto 5'00"
    [8] Adagio molto 2'29"
    [9] Allegro 3'34"
    Concerto IV in F minor - L'Inverno / Winter
    [10] Allegro non molto 3'39"
    [11] Largo 2'19"
    [12] Allegro 3'27"
    Concerto grosso Op. 6, No 9 in F major
    [13] Largo – Allegro 5'06"
    [14] Larghetto 3'57"
    [15] Allegro 2'07"
    [16] Menuet 1'32"
    [17] Gigue 1'57"
    DDD 56'05"

  • Performing

    Lydia Oshavkova (flute), Atanas Atanasov (cembalo)

    Ladies' Chamber Orchestra Boyadjiev - Bulgaria
    Nikolai Boyadjiev, conductor