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During the last months of his life Mozart composed a Requiem, which he was not able to finish. The composition is shrouded in mystery and linked with different legends, all of which are connected with a mysterious gentleman who ordered it. But whatever the reason for its creation, the Requiem is one of the greatest works of the human musical genius. The performance in this release is of prestigious Bulgarian artists, which have achieved an emotional, impressive and fascinating interpretation. The artistic value of the recording is a result of a truthful rendition of the emotions and the meaning of the different movements of the Requiem, and emphasizing the melody and the details of Mozart's music. The soloist ensemble, selected in accordance with the score, contributes to the whole impact of the composition. This release can undoubtedly be ranked among the interesting interpretations of the great work of Mozart.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Requiem aeternam 8'14''

    [2] Dies irae 1'55''

    [3] Tuba mirum 4'08''

    [4] Rex tremendae 2'42''

    [5] Recordare 6'14''

    [6] Confutatis 2'50''

    [7] Lacrimosa 3'08''

    [8] Domine Jesu 3'55''

    [9] Hostias 4'39''

    [10] Sanctus 1'46''

    [11] Benedictus 5'17''

    [12] Agnus Dei 9'32''

    DDD 54'20''

  • Performed by

    Soloists: Ina Schlingensipen (soprano), Emilia Boteva (mezzo-soprano),

    Nikolai Motsov (tenor), Orlin Anastassov (bass)

    Morski Zvoutsi Mixed Choir - Varna, Dunavski Zvoutsi Mixed Choir - Rousse, Angel Boukureshtliev Plovdiv Singing Society, Arfa Female Choir - Sofia,Rodna Pessen Mixed Choir - Bourgas, Vassil Arnaudov Sofia Chamber Choir, Prof. Georgi Dimitrov Children's Choir - Yambol, Iskra Children's Choir - Kazanlak, Children's Choir - Dobrich, St. Ivan Rilsky ("Marek") Male Choir - Dupnitsa,Sofia Male Chamber Choir, Ste. Sofia Mixed Choir, Rodina Mixed Choir - Stara Zagora, Emanuil Manolov Male Choir - Gabrovo, Harmonia Mixed Choir - Sofia, Rodina Mixed Choir - Rousse,Female Choir with the National Academy of Music and Dance Arts - Plovdiv, Sofia Youth Choir,Lyubomir Pipkov Sofia Chamber Choir, Polyphonia Chamber a Cappella Choir - Sofia, Sofia Boys' Choir, Druzhna Pessen Children's Choir - Sliven, Hristina Morfova Female Choir - Sofia, Bulgarian National Radio Children's Choir, Bodra Pessen Children's Choir - Shumen

    Bulgarian National Radio Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra
    Conductors: Marin Chonev, Mihail Angelov, Krikor Chetinian, Stoyan Kralev, Stefka Pastarmadjieva, Ophelia Russeva, Petya Pavlovich, Theodora Pavlovitch, Zahari Mednikarov, Krum Maximov, Dimiter Rouskov, Valentin Bobevski, Hristo Arishtirov, Emil Minev, Vassil Arnaudov, Ivelin Dimitrov, Liliya Gyuleva, Veneta Vicheva, Hristo Nedyalkov, Metodi Grigorov, Adriana Blagoeva

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