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Albert Pace's Songs of a Lonely Man is a captivating composition that perfectly encapsulates the theme of solitude and human emotion. The piece was created in response to a competition held by APS bank (Malta) in 2007, which called for a music work based on Latin texts from the Gospel of St. Luke or the song cycle setting of poems by Ruzar Briffa. Pace's work beautifully translates the feelings of a solitary individual through evocative melodies and thought-provoking harmonies. As a respected classical music composer, Albert Pace has effectively captured the essence of loneliness and introspection in Songs of a Lonely Man. This composition is a testament to Pace's skill and creativity, showcasing his ability to convey profound emotions through his music.

Recorded on 12th October 2009 at the premiere performance of the workin St. John’s Cathedral, La Valletta, Malta


Albert Pace · Songs of a Lonely Man

  • Ghanjiet ta' Bniedem Solitarju

    [1] Preludju (Prelude) 5’04’’
    [2] Il-kotra u jien (The crowd and I) 6’44’’
    [3] Għajjiena le xebgħana (Tired but not sated) 6’11’’
    [4] Quo Vadis? 7’52’’
    [5] Ballatella tal-funtana (The Fountain’s Song) 8’20’’
    [6] Lil ommi (To my mother) 8’46’’
    [7] Il-g]anja ta' l-imnikket (The Afflicted’s song) 5’28’’
    [8] Wiehed biss (Only One) 9’40’’
    DDD 58’09’’


    Lyrics: Ruzar Briff


  • Charles Vincenti, tenor

    Albert Buttigieg, bass baritone

    Mirabitur Choir

    Junge Philharmonie Brandenburg

    Hans-Jürgen Nagel, conductor

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