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In 2007 APS bank (Malta) announced a competition for a music work based on the Latin texts of three great Canticles of the New Testament found in the Gospel of St. Luke or on the song cycle setting seven poems written by Ruzar Briffa (1906-1963), an eminent and much-loved Maltese poet, on the theme of Ghanjiet ta' Bniedem Solitarju (Songs of a Lonely Man). The international board of adjudicators, together with the musicologist Dr. Ekaterina Dotcheva of Bulgaria, decided to give the prize to the symphonic song cycle based on the lyrics of Ruzar Briffa and composed by Albert Pace, one of the most gifted of Maltese contemporary composers. Ekaterina Dotcheva refers to the work and the composer: “Pace's score reveals a professional, experienced creative artist, who knows what he is looking for and has a clear vision of both his goal and of the means by which he can achieve it. He has chosen a more classical type of musical structure, but from his approach it is clear that he has broad awareness of contemporary musical literature, and uses the necessary elements without resorting to extremes in terms of sound.” This is how the composer shares his experience: “Since I was an adolescent, I have been always fascinated by Ruzar Briffa's poetry. His concise but penetrating texts constantly created resonance within me. I have long aspired to set some of them. The APS Bank competition provided me with an opportunity I could not miss.” The recording team of Gega New was once again invited by APS Bank of Malta to record the work at its premiere and to release it on CD. This is the 11th recording under this initiative, released by Gega New and financially supported by APS Bank. Music lovers can thus get acquainted with Maltese music of the 18-20th centuries and now the series continues with 21th century music, which makes the project really impressive!

Recorded on 12th October 2009 at the premiere performance of the workin St. John’s Cathedral, La Valletta, Malta



  • Track Listing

    Ghanjiet ta' Bniedem Solitarju

    [1] Preludju (Prelude) 5’04’’
    [2] Il-kotra u jien (The crowd and I) 6’44’’
    [3] Għajjiena le xebgħana (Tired but not sated) 6’11’’
    [4] Quo Vadis? 7’52’’
    [5] Ballatella tal-funtana (The Fountain’s Song) 8’20’’
    [6] Lil ommi (To my mother) 8’46’’
    [7] Il-g]anja ta' l-imnikket (The Afflicted’s song) 5’28’’
    [8] Wiehed biss (Only One) 9’40’’
    DDD 58’09’’


    Lyrics: Ruzar Briff


  • Performers

    Charles Vincenti, tenor

    Albert Buttigieg, bass baritone

    Mirabitur Choir

    Junge Philharmonie Brandenburg

    Hans-Jürgen Nagel, conductor

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