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The present programme is the first of a series of three albums, featuring the development and achievement of academic choral art in Bulgaria. The release contains a compilation of performances of Bulgarian choirs, starting with the children's, through the female, chamber, mixed, and ending with the male choirs. The earliest recording in the release was made in 1965. All choirs have received international awards from prestigious choir competitions and festivals. The achievements of the choirs are closely connected with the achievements of Bulgarian choir music. Many talented composers work in this genre and their works have become emblematic. The present release also presents the Bulgarian composers' school with its different stages of development. The booklet text offers detailed information about the recordings included, as well as the lyrics to the songs.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Motherland Song - Dobri Hristov 0'56''

    [2] I'm Leading a Horse, Mother - Georgi Dimitrov 2'17''

    [3] A Cuckoo Called Out - Filip Koutev 1'33''

    [4] Aquarelle - Todor Popov 2'06''

    [5] Devilish Song - Filip Pavlov 2'14''

    [6] The Port of El Granny - Filip Pavlov 3'08''

    [7] Pizzicati - Alexander Tanev 3'18''

    [8] A Nightingale Is Singing - Georgi Zlatev-Cherkin 3'14''

    [9] Zara, You Maiden - Nikolai Kaufmann 3'19''

    [10] Reverie - Alexander Tekeliev 2'38''

    [11] Like Snow, Like Snow, Indeed - Todor Popov 2'46''

    [12] Mehmetyo, My Woe - Ivan Spassov 5'07''

    [13] Hey, Yana - Petko Stainov 2'27''

    [14] Evening Dusk - Georgi Dimitrov 3'59''

    [15] A Love Night - Lubomir Pipkov 5'46''

    [16] A Morning by the Sea - Alexander Raichev 3'07''

    [17] Get up, Mother - arr. by Filip Koutev 3'29''

    [18] Sechenata - Peter Lyondev 2'11''

    [19] A Young Lad Has Fallen Asleep - music by Assen Karastoyanov 4'43''

    [20] My Native Land - Evgeni Cheshmedjiev 2'14''

    [21] Divertimento - Alexander Tanev 2'15''

    [22] Dafina, You Wine - Dobri Hristov 4'05''

    [23] How Dear It Is to Me - Petko Stainov 2'20''

    Total: 69'12''

  • Participating

    Performers: Bulgarian National Radio Mixed Choir, Bodra Smyana Choir, soloist M. Kalinkova, Children's Choir - Dobrich, Sofia Boys' Choir, Detska Kitka Choir - Plovdiv, Bulgarian National Radio Children's Choir, Hristina Morfova Female Choir, Lubomir Pipkov Sofia Chamber Choir, "Vassil Arnaudov" Sofia Chamber Choir, Polyphonia Chamber Choir,
    Female Choir of the Higher Institute of Music and Pedagogy - Plovdiv, St. Cyril and Methodius New Academic Choir, Sofia Male Choir, Dobrudjanski Zvutsi Mixed Choir - Dobrich, Rodina Mixed Choir - Rousse, Morski Zvutsi Mixed Choir - Varna, Harmonia Mixed Choir, Saint Sofia Mixed Choir, Kaval Male Choir, soloist Mincho Popov, Emanuil Manolov Male Choir - Gabrovo, Gousla Male Choir
    Conductors: Mihail Milkov, Boncho Bochev, Lilyana Bocheva, Zahari Mednikarov, Adriana Blagoeva, Zlatina Deliradeva, Hristo Nedyalkov, Lilia Gyuleva, Ivelin Dimitrov, Theodora Pavlovitch,Vassil Arnaudov, Krikor Chetinian, Petya Pavlovitch, Marin Chonev, Hristo Arishtirov, Valentin Bobevski, Vassil Stefanov
    Piano accompaniment: Natalia Gesheva, Dora Slavcheva, Nikola Dyulgerov

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