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The Bulgarian National Radio Children’s Choir was founded in 1960. Its founder and conductor since the beginning has been academician Hristo NEDYALKOV. During these 50 years the choir has been on 80 tours and it has given over 2000 concerts in 32 countries. Its repertoire includes about 800 songs written by Bulgarian and foreign composers. They have been recorded and released on many vinyl records and compact discs.

The young singers in the choir receive real vocal mastership schooling. It is thus natural that some of them choose singing as a profession, while the rest cherish their love for music throughout their whole life.

In this jubilee release, the children’s choir presents an interesting and varied programme, which includes songs by Bulgarian composers, opera choruses and works from the world music classics.


  • Track Listing

    [1] My Dear Mother… – Todor Popov (arr.) 4’35’’

    [2] Yove, Young Girl – Alexander Tanev 2’55’’

    [3] The Mountain has Overturned – Yuliyan Slabakov (arr.) 5’28’’

    [4] Spring Waltz – Yuliyan Slabakov, Lyrics: Yuliyan Slabakov, Hristo Karaslavov 3’26’’

    [5] Cantique de Noel (O, Holy Night) – Adolph Adam 4’08’’

    [6] Gipsy Life – Robert Schumann 3’36’’

    [7] The Kiss (Il bacio) – Luigi Arditi 4’46’’

    [8] Chorus from the Opera “Madama Butterfly” – Giacomo Puccini 2’58’’

    [9] Chorus of the Maidens from the Opera “EVGENIY Onegin” – P. I. Tchaikovsky 2’28’’

    [10] Terzett and Chorus from the Opera “Yolanta” – P. I. Tchaikovsky 3’18’’

    [11] Mary Stuart’s Prayer from the Opera “Maria Stuarda” – Gaetano Donizetti 3’49’’

    [12] Come and get Your Primers – Vladimir Rubin, Lyrics: N. Nekrasov 3’31’’

    [13] Solvejg’s Song from the Music to Ibsen’s play “Peer Gynt” – Edvard Grieg 5’11’’

    [14] Naples Tarantella – Gioacchino Rossini 2’39’’

    [15] serenade (Gently, quietly…) - Franz Schubert 5’29’’

    [16] In the Evening – Lyubomir Denev, Lyrics: Toma Binchev 2’46’

    [17] Vitamins – Hristo Nedyalkov, Lyrics: Dimitar Tochev 2’16’’

    [18] A Fir-Tree is Bending Under the Wind – Petko Stainov, Lyrics: Trifon Kounev 4’06’’

    [19] A Song about Vassil Levsky – Vilko Novak, Lyrics: Hristo Botev 3’23’’

    [20] Olympic Hopes – Hristo Nedyalkov , Lyrics: Nayden Valtchev 3’06’’

    DDD: 73’29’’

  • Participating

    Soloists: Venetsia Netsova, Maria Radoeva, Plamena Girginova, Lyubov Vasileva, Darina Kandulkova, Anna Notovska, Svetlina Stoyanova

    Piano accompaniment:

    Svetlana Ananievska, Silvia Galabova

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