The famous Bulgarian composer Jules Levy has adapted for voice and piano several Sephardic songs (the songs of the Jews who lived in Spain and Portugal). Banished from there in the 15th century they settled in different parts of Eastern Europe, in particular in Bulgaria. Jules Levy, a Sephardic Jew himself, has transformed skillfully the melodies, lyrical and dancing in character, into wonderful musical creations. These are songs of love, youth, beauty, songs which have been carried from generation to generation through the centuries.
The programme includes nineteen songs, performed in Ladino. Each of them is memorable because of the lovely interpretation of the two performers, and the taste and mastership with which they recreate the character and the moods that are mostly amorous-nostalgic but also lively and vivacious. This CD documents part of an original folk legacy.

Recorded in Bulgaria Concert Hall, Sofia, July 1999


  • Track Listing

    [1] Alta, alta es la luna 4'51''

    [2] Adio querido 3'34''

    [3] Los bilbilicos cantan 2'57''

    [4] Novio de Scheres 3'03''

    [5] Caminando por la plaza 2'07''

    [6] Siete dias con sus noches 5'35''

    [7] Scalerica de oro 2'33''

    [8] Yo me enamori d'un aire 2'37''

    [9] Nani-nani 3'31''

    [10] Arbolico de jasmin 3'30''

    [11] Morena me llaman 4'27''

    [12] Como la rosa 1'52''

    [13] En el cafe d'el amanecer 4'26''

    [14] Dame, Rosina 2'09''

    [15] Ablo con coraje 1'53''

    [16] Ascherico de quince años 1'58''

    [17] A la una yo naci 2'58''

    [18] Durme, durme 3'14''

    [19] Abre tu puerta cerrada 2'10''

    DDD 58'37''

  • Participating

    Julia Milanova-Steiner, soprano
    Nina Aladjem, piano