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De Falla, Ravel, and Hindemith are three of the most influential European composers, each representing a distinct school of music composition. In this captivating release from Gega New, the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra delivers a soul-stirring performance that perfectly captures the essence of these remarkable works. The orchestra's exceptional musicianship and attention to detail bring out the unique style and creative vision of each composer. The conductor Milen Nachev, a prominent figure in the classical music scene, brings his unique interpretation to the compositions, adding depth and emotion to the performances.

From the fiery passion of De Falla to the enchanting melodies of Ravel and the innovative harmonies of Hindemith, this recording showcases the brilliance of these musical masterminds, performed by one of the leading orchestras in Europe.

De Falla · Ravel · Hindemith

    Suite from the ballet "El sombrero de tres picos"
    [1] Los vecinos 3'21''
    [2] Danza del molinero 2'44''
    [3] Danza final 5'42''
    Daphnis et Chloé (Suite No. 2)
    [4] Lever du jour - Pantomime - Danse generale 14'41''
    Symphony "Mathis der Maler"
    [5] Engelnkonzert 8'20''
    [6] Grablegung 4'14''
    [7] Versuchung des heiligen Antonius 13'10''
    DDD 52'12'
  • Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra

    Milen Nachev, conductor

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