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Dimitar Tapkoff was born in Sofia in 1929. He graduated in composition under the great Bulgarian composer Marin Goleminov. He has worked in succession in the Bulgarian National Radio, Sofia National Opera, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the State Academy of Music, the Ministry of Culture. Currently he is Professor in composition at the Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv, and Director of the Sofia Music Weeks International Music Festival.

Tapkoff began writing music when the post-war avant-guard was fully embraced by a part of the Bulgarian composers, while others supported the national art, and still others followed the traditions of classical "modern". He is closest to the third group and admits that: "I would not say that I am a champion of a modern concept about music. I claim that I stand behind a music concept of my own, no matter what the fashionable trends are." He has always stressed on the possibility to use well-known structures and forms, at the same time incorporating music, which is close to the contemporary listener. His works have often been performed in Bulgaria and abroad. Tapkoff is holder of a number of home and international distinctions, among which the First Prize of the International Composer's Rostrum in Paris '76 for his Peace Cantata. He has composed works in different genres: concertos, overtures, symphonies, solo and choir songs, etc.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Peace Cantata for mezzo-soprano, children's choir and string orchestra (1975) 26'35"

    [2] Microsymphony for stringed instruments on A(rthur) and H(onegger) (1992) 8'00"

    [3] Variants for String Orchestra (1995) 5'40"

    [4] Concertino for Bassoon and String Orchestra (1994) 6'40"

    [5] Sonata for Violoncello (1978) 7'20"

    [6] Sonata for Clarinet (1978) 10'00"

    DDD 64'55"

  • Participating

    Soloists: Alexandrina Milcheva (soprano), Marin Valtchanov (bassoon), Anatoli Krastev (violoncello), Rossen Idealov (clarinet)

    Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra & Children's Choir

    Vassil Stefanov, conductor

    Sofia Soloists Chamber Ensemble

    Plamen Djouroff, conductor

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