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The CD of the famous Bulgarian pianist and composer Emile Naoumoff, includes eight mazurkas, written by Chopin throughout the years, some of which are much preferred by the performers for the specific melodic and metro-rhythmical character of the music. To them add preludes, waltzes, and other popular and attractive for the listener works by the great Polish composer, patriot, dreamer, rebel, romantic and innovator. The moods are melancholic and nostalgic, at times sad, even gloomy, at times varied with outbursts of joy and hope. Emile Naoumoff interprets each of the miniatures in a manner of his own, imbuing them with a feeling, with tenderness and intimacy. His performance impresses with a masterful switching between the tempos, fine nuancing and elegance. The recording highlights Naoumoff as an excellent interpreter of Chopin's music, as a master of expressiveness who has achieved a unity between the author's text and his own reading. Thus the pieces sound in a good style and acquire a character different from the performances we already know.


Recorded in Monterey (USA) at the Residence of Marcia and James Koford


  • Track Listing

    [1] Mazurka op. 67, No 4, A minor 2'50"

    [2] Mazurka op. 68, No 4, F minor 1'30"

    [3] Mazurka op. 33, No 1, G sharp minor 1'23"

    [4] Mazurka op. 50, No 3, C sharp minor 5'32"

    [5] Mazurka op. 7, No 2, A minor 3'14"

    [6] Mazurka op. 67, No 2, G minor 2'01"

    [7] Mazurka op. 67, No 3, C major 1'24"

    [8] Mazurka op. 17, No 4, A minor 4'21"

    [9] Prelude op. 28, No 4, E minor 2'34"

    [10] Prelude op. 28, No 6, H minor 2'09"

    [11] Prelude op. 28, No 15, D flat major 6'37"

    [12] Waltz op. 64, No 2, C minor 3'35"

    [13] Waltz op. 34, No 2, A minor 5'20"

    [14] Last-hour Waltz B.i.150, A minor 2'24"

    [15] Waltz op. 69, No 2, H minor 3'47"

    [16] Nocturne op. 72, No 1, E minor 4'13"

    [17] Etude op. 10, No 6, E flat minor 5'05"

    DDD 59'13"

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