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The album  Frédéric Chopin · Complete Rondos & Variations by pianist Ludmil Angelov is an outstanding selection of Chopin's less known works. These pieces are interpreted in a very unique and captivating way, highlighting Angelov's brilliant pianistic abilities and his original conceptions and analyses. Through this recital release, Ludmil Angelov demonstrates his exceptional abilities as a performer, and offers a unique insight into these masterpieces. This album is a must-have for any fan of classical music and Chopin's masterpieces.  Experience the beauty of Chopin's lesser-known works with this exquisite and memorable recording.


The present release received the GRAND PRIX DU DISQUE FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN award in Warszaw, 2000.

Frédéric Chopin · Complete Rondos & Variations

  • [1] Rondo, op. 1 8'04"

    in C minor: Allegro

    [2] Variations on a German National Air, op. posth. 7'04"

    in E major:

    Introduction - A capriccio

    Theme - Andantino

    Var. 1 - Elegantemente

    Var. 2 - Scherzando

    Var. 3 - Tranquillamente

    Var. 4 - Meno mosso

    Tempo di Valse

    [3] Rondo a la Mazur, op.5 7'56"

    in F major: Vivace

    [4] Rondo, op. posth. 73 8'21"

    in C major: Allegro maestoso

    [5] Rondo, op. 16 9'17"

    in E-flat major:

    Introduction - Andante

    Rondo - Allegro vivace

    [6] Variations Brillantes on a Theme from Hérold's "Ludovic" 6'56"

    in B-flat major:

    Introduction - Allegro maestoso

    Theme - Allegro moderato


    Scherzo vivace

    DDD 48'03"

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