Pianist Ludmil Angelov offers very interesting and original interpretations of some of Chopin's little known early works. As a performer who constantly looks for new opportunities for his artistic realisation, Ludmil Angelov demonstrates in this recital release his abilities as pianist of a style of his own - with original conceptions and analyses of each of the performed works, each interpreted in an individual manner, fascinating with the softness and flexibility of tone, melody and harmony. His virtuosity, brilliance, warmth and lyricism which impress the listener, combine with a multi-coloured palette of sound nuances. All this is in confirmation of the successful career of the pianist, first-prize winner of the World Piano Masters International Competition of Monte Carlo, 1997, who has toured extensively on the world's major stages. The present release received the GRAND PRIX DU DISQUE FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN award in Warszaw, 2000.


Recorded in Bulgaria Concert Hall, Sofia, September 1998


  • Track Listing

    [1] Rondo, op. 1 8'04"

    in C minor: Allegro

    [2] Variations on a German National Air, op. posth. 7'04"

    in E major:

    Introduction - A capriccio

    Theme - Andantino

    Var. 1 - Elegantemente

    Var. 2 - Scherzando

    Var. 3 - Tranquillamente

    Var. 4 - Meno mosso

    Tempo di Valse

    [3] Rondo a la Mazur, op.5 7'56"

    in F major: Vivace

    [4] Rondo, op. posth. 73 8'21"

    in C major: Allegro maestoso

    [5] Rondo, op. 16 9'17"

    in E-flat major:

    Introduction - Andante

    Rondo - Allegro vivace

    [6] Variations Brillantes on a Theme from Hérold's "Ludovic" 6'56"

    in B-flat major:

    Introduction - Allegro maestoso

    Theme - Allegro moderato


    Scherzo vivace

    DDD 48'03"

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