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Georgi Minchev · Concerto Works for Orchestra showcases the incredible talent of one of Bulgaria's most celebrated composers. From the delicate melodies of his Concerto for Piano and Orchestra to the dramatic and powerful tones of his Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, this album displays the depth and range of Minchev's musical vision. Each composition is a masterful blend of traditional orchestral arrangements and modern influences, creating a truly unique listening experience for fans of contemporary classical music.

With polished and dynamic performances by renowned soloists and orchestras, Georgi Minchev · Concerto Works for Orchestra is a stunning showcase of one of the most important voices in contemporary classical music today.

Georgi Minchev · Concerto Works for Orchestra

  • [1] Contrasts – Music for orchestra 20'51’’

    [2] Monody and Concerto Grosso 28'23’’

    for viola, cembalo, percussions and strings

    [3] Concert Music for Orchestra 23'00’’

    DDD: 72’14’’

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