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Gideon Waldrop (b. 1919, Texas) is presented in this release with five compositions created in the decades after World War II: Symphony No. 1 (1951), Suite for Orchestra from the Southwest (1964), Songs of the Southwest for Baritone and Chamber Orchestra (1983), Prelude and Fugue (1963), and Pressures (1955). In the compositions one can clearly trace the influence of the American folklore and, according to the composer's words, that of the Mexican songs, Waldrop's skills in orchestration, as well as the combination of primitive melodies and interesting modal patterns, the counter-pointing European techniques and his mastery in building up complicated polyphonic figures.


  • Track Listing

    Symphony No. 1 (1951) 18'48"

    [1] Moderato 6'39"

    [2] Allegretto 3'11"

    [3] Andante con moto; Allegro 8'33"

    [4] "Songs of the Southwest", for Baritone and Chamber Orchestra (1983) 8'43"

    [5] Pressures (1955) 10'42"

    Suite for Orchestra : "From the Southwest" (1964) 12'33"

    [6] Arid Landscape 5'27"

    [7] Rancher's Whistling Song 3'35"

    [8] Primitive Dance 3'28"

    [9] Prelude and Fugue (1963) 11'30"

    DDD 62'36"

  • Participating

    Soloists: Plamen Hidjov, bass-baritone
    Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra
    Remus Georgescu, conductor


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