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Introducing the timeless and exquisite Vienna classical music of Haydn and Mozart with the Piano Concertos performed by Maria Prinz. This captivating collection includes Haydn's most famous concerto for piano in D major, showcasing the composer's bold and innovative style. Additionally, Prinz presents two popular piano concertos by Mozart - one in F major and the other in A major, demonstrating the composer's graceful and melodic compositions. Maria Prinz, daughter of the renowned Bulgarian composer and conductor Konstantin Iliev, brings a rich musical heritage to her interpretation of these beloved works. Add this stunning compilation to your collection and enjoy the brilliance of Haydn and Mozart's Piano Concertos for years to come.

Haydn & Mozart · Piano Concertos


    Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in D major (H. ХVІІІ: 11)

    [1] Vivace 8'12''

    [2] Un poco adagio 7'15''

    [3] Rondo all'Ungharese 4'47''


    Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in F major KV 413

    [4] Allegro 10'17''

    [5] Larghetto 7'59''

    [6] Tempo di Menuetto 5'52''


    Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A major KV 488

    [7] Allegro 11'36''

    [8] Adagio 7'15''

    [9] Allegro assai 8'19''

    DDD 71'32''

  • Maria Prinz, piano

    Sofia Symphony Orchestra
    Vassil Kazandjiev, conductor


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