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Honegger, Milhaud & Saint-Saens · Concertos for Cello

Once in a while, a timeless classical music album comes along that truly captures the essence of masterful composition and virtuosic performance - and "Honegger, Milhaud & Saint-Saens: Concertos for Cello" is just that. This remarkable album features the breathtaking talents of cellist Robin Clavreul as he effortlessly navigates the intricate passages and emotive melodies of three distinct concertos. From the hauntingly beautiful Honegger concerto to the lively and rhythmic Milhaud piece, this CD is a showcase of the vast range and depth of Clavreul's musicianship. Clavreul's masterful performance not only highlights his exceptional technical skill but also his deep understanding and emotional connection to the unique characteristics of each concerto. 

Honegger, Milhaud & Saint-Saens · Concertos for Cello



[1] Andante 5'48"

[2] Lento 5'00"

[3] Allegro marcato 4'54"


[4] Nonchalant 4'42"

[5] Grave 6'08"

[6] Joyeux 3'08"


[7] Allegro non troppo 5'52"

[8] Allegretto con moto 4'28"

[9] Tempo primo 1'08"

[10] Un peu moins vite 7'27"

DDD 48'29"

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