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Josef Matthias Hauer · Piano Works

The Josef Matthias Hauer · Piano Works showcases Hauer's innovative approach to composition and his mastery of the piano, offering a unique and immersive musical experience. Each piece provides a glimpse into Hauer's artistic evolution and the impact of his collaboration with other avant-garde composers of his time. The emotional depth and poetic nature of Hauer's clavier pieces, inspired by verses from Hölderlin's poetry, are beautifully interpreted by Anna Petrova, transporting listeners to a world of musical storytelling. Petrova's performance brings to life the intricate motifs and sound combinations that are characteristic of Hauer's style. With a keen understanding of the poetic inspiration behind Hauer's compositions, Anna Petrova skillfully captures the essence of the clavier pieces, creating a deeply moving and evocative musical experience.

Josef Matthias Hauer · Piano Works


[1] Nomos, Op. 2 8'41''

[2] Seven little pieces, Op. 3 7'15''

[3] Dance, Op. 10 5'26''

[4] Five little pieces, Op. 15 3'19''

[5] Phantasie, Op. 17 4'02''

Piano pieces after lines by Fr. Hölderlin, Op. 25

[6] 1. Your waves played about me 0'55''

[7] 2. There, russet flames touch the grey clouds 1'11''

[8] 3. Hail to thee, ye sheltering clouds, ye pastures, resting solitary beside me! 0'45''

[9] 4. Ye beautiful-sided woods painted on the green slope 1'46''

[10] 5. Like a blessing, smilingly the Ether leant over silver clouds 1'43''

[11] 6. Springs pass away, one year displaces the other 1'09''

[12] 7. Now rests in its fullest the autumn day 1'21''

[13] 8. Where the ocean air cools the hot shores and rustles through the laurel forest 1'17''

[14] 9. From heaven, through their trees, the light smiles benignly on the industrious 0'56''

[15] 10. Yet, as roses, the gentle life was fleeting 1'15''

[16] 11. Full of stars comes the enraptured Night 1'11''

[17] 12. Grace blooms, as once upon a time 0'54''

[18] 13. Lost in the blue vastness 2'12''

[19] 14. But heavy into the valley hung the gigantic, destiny-conscious castle, torn to its foundations by wind and weather 1'05''

[20] 15. More nimble now and alert, the fountain rushes on 0'32''

[21] 16. And ye force your way from within the strong roof 1'00''

[22] Zwölftonspiel (New Year 1947) 4'41''

[23] Zwölftonspiel (19th February 1953) 1'16''

DDD 54'44''

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