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Introducing the Kaba Trio Rhodopea Folk Songs, Vol.1, where three exceptionally talented singers come together to redefine the boundaries of women's voices. These mesmerizing recordings feature three rich-voiced singers who will completely change your ideas about the capacities of women's voices. Their deep altos are rich in timbre and mastered to perfection, delivering a truly powerful and soul-stirring performance. Each of the three singers is a prominent solo performer with a rich authentic repertoire, making their collaboration a true force to be reckoned with. As you listen to their voices unite in song, it's as if they confirm the legend about the mythical Orpheus, born in the Rhodope, and transport you to another world with their enchanting melodies.

This album introduces a new and unique twist on the classic tunes, with the addition of masterfully shaped improvisations by Evelina Balcheva (a celebrated jazz-singer) and the trio. The result is a fascinating blend of traditional folk music and jazz, showcasing the versatility and innovation of these talented musicians.

The improvisations of Evelina Balcheva (a celebrated jazz-singer) and the trio introduce yet another curious detail in the overall traditional sounding. These are masterfully shaped out improvisations, showing some popular folk songs in a new, even exotic light.

Kaba Trio Rhodopea Folk Songs, Vol.1

  • [1] Sobrali sa se, sobrali - arr. Tsvetan Georgiev 2'16"

    [2] Tornal Todyu - * * * 2'22"

    [3] Rositse, rusa devoyko - arr. Ivan Kirishev 3'04"

    [4] Minka e rano stanala - arr. Tsvetan Georgiev 1'13"

    [5] Brala moma rouja tsvete - arr. Ivan Kirishev 2'40"

    [6] Mitro, Mitro - * * * 1'17"

    [7] Oti mi, lyube, snoshta ni doyde - arr. Ivan Kirishev 2'46"

    [8] Two Songs from Zagrajden - arr. Ivan Kirishev 2'00"

    [9] Poustono ludo i mlado - arr. Tsvetan Georgiev 1'37"

    [10] Karay, maycho - * * * 1'37"

    [11] Petline peyot, lyube - arr. Tsvetan Georgiev 2'16"

    [12] Mari mome - arr. Anka Kapitanova 0'59"

    [13] Nadpevat se malki momi - arr. Atanas Kapitanov 0'55"

    [14] Kalina sedi v gradina - arr. Tsvetan Georgiev 1'25"

    [15] A bre, yunache - * * * 1'33"

    [16] Mari Rado - music Nikolay Stoykov 1'31"

    [17] Zashivay, maycho, zategay - arr. Tsvetan Georgiev 3'05"

    [18] Gaydine sviryat - * * * 1'34"

    [19] Zashtim ne minesh, sevdinko - arr. Ivan Kirishev 2'09"

    [20] Tornalo mi e smolyansko vaklo devoyche - arr. Ivan Kirishev 1'55"

    [21] Ne sohni, sortse - arr. Ivan Kirishev 2'19"

    DDD 42'04''

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