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The  Krassimir Taskov · Compositions  album showcases his most significant works, demonstrating his unique musical style and impeccable craftsmanship. Taskov's compositions blend traditional Bulgarian elements with contemporary influences, creating a captivating and original sound that appeals to both classical music enthusiasts and modern music lovers. From powerful orchestral pieces to delicate piano solos, this collection offers a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic world of contemporary Bulgarian music, making it a must-have for any classical music aficionado.

The great Bulgarian composer and conductor Vassil Kazandjiev refers to his music as being "particularly expressive and strongly impacting".

Krassimir Taskov · Compositions

  • Archaic Pictures for piano (1980)

    [1] Bell chime 2’35”

    [2] Night voices 3’31”

    [3] Babblers 1’55”

    [4] Ruins 3’04”

    [5]Heathen dance 3’25”

    [6] Mutuality for two pianos (1998) 9’27”

    [7] Nava Fragments II (1999) for soprano, flute, viola,  11’15”

    harp, and piano (Lyrics: Ivan Metodiev)

    [8] Pezzo diafonicofor two violoncellos (2002) 5’27”

    [9] Transfiguration ІV for symphony orchestra (1997) 17’30”

    Total: 58’14’’

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