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Liszt, Chopin & Rameau

Tomislav Baynov's CD features an exceptional compilation of works by influential composers such as J. P. Rameau, Chopin, and Liszt. These composers have made significant contributions to the development of keyboard music and techniques, and Baynov's performance captures the essence of their masterpieces. As a performer, Baynov has been educated and formed in the traditions of the Bulgarian and the great German keyboard schools, allowing for a deeply authentic and moving interpretation of the music. With his impeccable technique and profound understanding of the classical repertoire, Baynov brings a fresh and captivating perspective to these timeless compositions.

Liszt, Chopin & Rameau



[1] Gavotte with Variations 6'22"


Sonata in B flat minor, op. 35

[2] Grave. Doppio movimento 7'25"

[3] Scherzo 6'44"

[4] Marche funèbre 8'45"

[5] Finale. Presto 1'25"

FRANZ LISZT (1811 - 1886)

[6] Sonata in B minor 27'49"

DDD 58'44"

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