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Male Choir of Sveta Nedelya Cathedral Sofia

The Male Choir of Sveta Nedelya Cathedral Sofia is proud to present their latest release, featuring beautiful Slavonic Orthodox Chants. As one of the oldest Bulgarian church choirs, dating back to its foundation in 1897, the choir has a rich history and is deeply rooted in the tradition of Orthodox music. Under the guidance of the great Bulgarian musician Nikolai Nikolaev, the choir has developed a unique and powerful sound that has captivated audiences for over a century. This release is a testament to the choir's dedication to preserving and performing the sacred music of the Orthodox tradition. The powerful and resonant voices of the male choir fill the sacred space of the cathedral, creating a transcendent and immersive musical experience. Revel in the timeless tradition of Orthodox chants as performed by this esteemed and iconic choir, and let the spiritual journey begin through the transformative power of their music. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and profound artistry of the Male Choir of Sveta Nedelya Cathedral, and discover the profound beauty of these ancient Slavonic Orthodox Chants.

Male Choir of Sveta Nedelya Cathedral Sofia



[1] O Come, Let Us Worship 1'25"

[2] Praise the Lord, o My Soul 2'38"

[3] Blessed Is the Man 1'41"

[4] O Gladsome Radiance 3'07"

[5] Lord, Now Lettest Thou Thy Servant2'11"

[6] Hail, o Virgin, Birth-Giver of God and Blessed Be the Name of the Lord 

(Eastern chant, mode 5, harmonized by K.Popov) 2'23"

[7] Praise Ye the Name of the Lord  2'13"


[8] Great Litany - D. Hristov 6'39"

[9] Bless the Lord, o My Soul (Ps. 102/103/) 2'15"

[10] O Only Begotten Son 2'11"

[11] In Thy Kingdom - D. Hristov, arr. by K. Popov 2'33"

(on motifs from the Bolgarskii rospev")

[12] Holy God - D. Hristov (on motifs from Bolgarskii rospev) 2'07"

[13] Litany of Fervent Supplication  4'39"

[14] Cherubic Hymn (for pontifical liturgy)  8'52"

[15] A Mercy of Peace - Inogo (other) rozpev 6'23"

[16] Meet It Is  2'27"

[17] Our Father (The Lord's Prayer) 2'47"

[18] Shout with Joy to the Lord (from Ps. 65 /66/) 3'15"

[19] The "Many Years" Prayer - K. Popov 1'46"

DDD 62'10"

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