The release is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Academician Marin Goleminov, the classic of Bulgarian school of composing. It contains four works among which the String Quartet No 3 "Old-Bulgarian" has been a repertoire work for decades now. Written in the 1940s, it is conceptually related to some of his most famous opuses like the dance drama Nestinarka (The Fire-Dancer) and Symphonic Variations on a Theme by Dobri Hristov. The String Quartet No. 7 is from the 70s and bears the marks of Goleminov's evolution of style. The two concert pieces are from the 80s and were inspired by the art of flutist Simeon Shterev and oboist Georgi Zhelyazov. They demonstrate the virtuoso command of compositional and technique devices, of the orchestral writing, Goleminov's ability to refract elements of the aleatoric and sonata, polyphonic and post-realist music through his outstanding individuality.