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Naked Tango · Svetozar Ivanov, Piano

Svetozar Ivanov's "Naked Tango" offers a fresh and innovative approach to classical piano performance, showcasing the seamless fusion of two influential composers from different eras Erik Satie and John Cage. Ivanov's masterful interpretation of Satie's "Perpetual Tango," composed in 1914, is seamlessly intertwined with Cage's modern take on the same title, shape, and structure, creating a dynamic and endlessly repeating musical experience. The result is a beautiful and thought-provoking medley that showcases the deep connection between two iconic works from different eras. With "Naked Tango," Ivanov invites audiences to immerse themselves in the rich history and evolution of classical music, reminding us of its lasting impact and influence.


Svetozar Ivanov says about the present program: “In 1914 Erik Satie composed Perpetual Tango which was meant to be repeated eternally. Seventy years later John Cage wrote a piece with the same title, shape and structure as Satie's tango. Separately and superimposed, these two works encircle this CD endlessly. The title, Naked Tango is borrowed from a stunning work (reproduced on the cover) by Argentine artist Guillermo Kuitca. I was very fortunate to know Robert Helps during the last few years of his life and he remains a great inspiration for me as a person and as a musician. His music, which is the heart of this CD, along with timeless sounds from the distant past (Tisdall, Rameau) is woven into the perpetual rhythm of the tango as expressed by Nazareth, Stravinsky, Shchedrin and Barber.”

Naked Tango · Svetozar Ivanov, Piano


[1] Erik Satie – Perpetual Tango 2’57’’

[2] Robert Helps – Radiance 5’48’’

[3] Ernesto Nazareth – Tango The Ninth of July 4’25’’

William Tisdall (1570-unknown)

[4] Galliarda 3’26’’

[5] Pavana Chromatica 5’31’’

[6] Igor Stravinsky – Tango 4’00’’

Robert Helps – Recollections

[7] I. In Memoriam 3’59’’

[8] II. Interlude 4’41’’

[9] III. Epilogue 5’26’’

[10] Rodion Shchedrin – A la Albeniz 4’10’’

Jean-Philippe Rameau 

[11] Les Tendres Plaintes 3’47’’

[12] La Poule 5’15’’

[13] Samuel Barber – Hesitation Tango 3’54’’

[14] Robert Helps – Eventually the Carousel Begins 10’49’’

[15] John Cage – Perpetual Tango 3’40’’

(Erik Satie – Perpetual Tango)

DDD 71’54’’

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