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Nicola Ghiuselev · Orthodox Chants is a powerful and moving collection of traditional orthodox chants performed by the renowned Bulgarian opera singer. Ghiuselev brings his exceptional vocal talent and deep understanding of orthodox music to these timeless chants, creating a truly captivating listening experience. The depth and emotion in his performances reflect his dedication to preserving and celebrating this rich musical tradition. Melodic and beautifully harmonized, they render the atmosphere of pious and peaceful resignation. Ghiuselev's bass is in perfect harmony with the resounding sonority of the Sofia Orthodox Choir.With its seamless blend of tradition and artistry, this album is a testament to Ghiuselev's status as one of the foremost interpreters of orthodox music in the world.

Nicola Ghiuselev · Orthodox Chants

  • Alexander Grechaninov

    [1] Litany of Fervent Supplication 5'57''

    [2] The Creed 4'26''

    Priest Vasilii Zinoviev

    [3] We Hymn Thee, We Bless Thee 2'49''

    Michail Strokin

    [4] Now Lettest Thou Depart 2'54''

    Grigorii Lyubimov

    [5] Blessed is The Man 5'10''

    Pavel Chesnokov

    [6] The Mystical Sacrifice 4'26''

    [7] God with Us 3'52''

    [8] Deliver, o God Thy People 3'57''

    Dobri Hristov

    [9] Praise Ye The Name of The Lord 4'34''

    Peter Dinev

    [10] The Judicious Villain 2'53''

    Apostol Nikolaev-Stroumsky

    [11] Great Doxology 10'40''


    [12] The Legend of 12 Robbers - Russian Folk Song 7'14''

    DDD 59'21''

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