The name of the programme comes from Bela Bartok's cycle of miniatures Out of Doors, performed by the young pianist Anna Stoytcheva (b. 1974). She began her piano studies in Bulgaria and after that received her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music Degrees from the Juilliard School. Her international career started in 1991 when she became winner of the Ettore Pozzolo International Piano Competition in Italy. Her recognition in the USA began with the Ravel Concerto Piano Competition. Since then she has been characterized as an artist of strong individuality, remarkable sensitivity and a sense for the development and trends of music. Her interpretation of Debussy's Images places her among the pianists who have left their own mark in interpreting the composer's impressionistic visions. Anna Stoytcheva is inspired by the originality of Bartok's miniatures and she transforms every piano piece into an emotionally depicted picture with its specific colour. She plays the works with her characteristic temperament and imagination and conveys to them a character of their own - in sound, harmony, and polyphony. The CD also includes Capriccios and Intermezzos by Brahms - an emanation of Late Romanticism and of their composer's poetic inspiration. Her interpretation is very sensitive and sincere, contemplative and deep in absorption. The whole programme demonstrates the pianist's excellent technique, musical erudition and diversity of talent.

Recorded in Bulgaria Concert Hall, Sofia, September 1999


  • Track Listing


    Out of Doors (1926)

    [1] With drums and pipes 1'52''

    [2] Barcarolla 2'17''

    [3] Musettes 3'24''

    [4] Musiques nocturnes 5'27''

    [5] The chase 2'25''


    Images 2e serie (1907)

    [6] Cloches à travers les feuilles 4'14''

    [7] Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut 5'05''

    [8] Poissons d'or 4'02''


    Phantasien, Op. 116 (1892)

    [9] Capriccio - D moll - Presto energico 2'24''

    [10] Intermezzo - A moll - Andante/Non troppo presto/Andante 3'46''

    [11] Capriccio - G moll - Allegro passionato/Un poco meno Allegro/Tempo I 3'34''

    [12] Intermezzo - E dur - Adagio 4'14''

    [13] Intermezzo - E moll - Andante con grazia ed intimissimo sentimento 5'59''

    [14] Intermezzo - E dur - Andantino teneramente 2'49''

    [15] Capriccio - D moll - Allegro agitato 2'22''

    DDD 51'29''

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    Anna Stoytcheva, piano