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Petko Stainov · Compositions is a collection of the most famous and beloved orchestral and choral compositions by some of the greatest Bulgarian composer of the 20th century. With a career that spanned over six decades, Stainov left a lasting impact on Bulgarian musical culture. Born in the heart of Bulgaria's music traditions, Stainov's compositions are known for their unique blend of Bulgarian folk elements and classical music. This collection showcases the richness and diversity of Stainov's musical genius, from his powerful choral works to his evocative orchestral pieces.

Discover the timeless works of Petko Stainov and experience the beauty and depth of Bulgarian musical heritage.

Petko Stainov · Compositions

  • [1] A Dragon, 2nd movement from the symphonic suite Fairy Tale 8'08''

    [2] A Fir Tree Is Bending 3'22''

    lyrics by Trifon Kunev

    [3] A Bright Sun Has Risen 5'01''

    folk lyrics

    [4] Paidoushko Horo, 2nd movement from the symphonic suite Thracian Dances 2'24''

    [5] Hey, Yana 2'28''

    folk lyrics

    [6] Oh, You Dimo 1'38''

    lyrics by Kiril Hristov

    [7] I Had a Dream 4'41''

    lyrics by P. K. Yavorov

    [8] Legend, symphonic poem after Yordan Yovkov 17'02''

    [9] Horsemen, ballad for men's choir 7'15''

    lyrics by Nikola Furnadjiev

    [10] The Secret of the Struma River, ballad for men's choir 7'15''

    lyrics by Theodor Trayanov

    [11] Symphonic Scherzo 9'46''

    Total: 69'00''

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