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The first half of the 20th century marks the appearance of a number of talented and prolific composers and musicians in Bulgarian musical culture. One of them is Petko Stainov (1986-1977) - a composer, pedagogue, and musical activist. Petko Stainov was born in Kazanlak, which was then famous for its music traditions. After hurting one of his eyes, he lost his sight completely when he was 11. In 1915 he graduated from the Institute for the Blind in Sofia. Then he studied piano with Andrei Stoyanov and made his early attempts at recording. He furthered his studies in Germany and after returning to Bulgaria played an active part in the country's music life. His first major work was the Thracian Dances symphonic suite in three movements (1925). Later he added an additional movement to the suite, Mechkarsko (The Bear's Dance, 1926). His other works include the symphonic poems A Legend (1927), and Thrace (1937), the symphonic suite A Fairy Tale (1930), Symphonic Scherzo (1930), two symphonies (1945 and 1949), etc. Along with his symphonic work, he also created remarkable choral pieces - from songs for different choral formations up to large-scope dramatic ballads. In both genres he adapted the expressive means of the European musical tradition to the Bulgarian vision of the world. He thus created a musical style of his own combining in a perfect manner Bulgarian rhythm and tunes with European musical trends
The present release features some of the composer's symphonic and choral works, recorded by the best Bulgarian orchestras and choirs.


  • Track Listing

    [1] A Dragon, 2nd movement from the symphonic suite Fairy Tale 8'08''

    [2] A Fir Tree Is Bending 3'22''

    lyrics by Trifon Kunev

    [3] A Bright Sun Has Risen 5'01''

    folk lyrics

    [4] Paidoushko Horo, 2nd movement from the symphonic suite Thracian Dances 2'24''

    [5] Hey, Yana 2'28''

    folk lyrics

    [6] Oh, You Dimo 1'38''

    lyrics by Kiril Hristov

    [7] I Had a Dream 4'41''

    lyrics by P. K. Yavorov

    [8] Legend, symphonic poem after Yordan Yovkov 17'02''

    [9] Horsemen, ballad for men's choir 7'15''

    lyrics by Nikola Furnadjiev

    [10] The Secret of the Struma River, ballad for men's choir 7'15''

    lyrics by Theodor Trayanov

    [11] Symphonic Scherzo 9'46''

    Total: 69'00''

  • Performed by

    BNR Symphony Orchestra, Vassil Arnaudov Sofia Chamber Choir,

    Petko Stainov Mixed Choir - Kazanlak, St. Cyril and Methodius New Mixed Choir, Bulgarian National Radio Mixed Choir, Kaval Men's Choir, Gusla Men's Choir

    Conductors: Vassil Stefanov, Theodora Pavlovitch,

    Petya Pavlovitch, Mihail Milkov, Emil Karamanov, Mihail Angelov

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