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Robert Schumann · Fiammetta Tarli, Piano

This recording features the exceptional talents of Fiammetta Tarli on the piano, as she takes on the challenge of performing the works of the great composer Robert Schumann. The selection of pieces for this programme has been carefully chosen, showcasing both the technical mastery and emotional depth required to truly do justice to Schumann's compositions. As a pianist and musicologist, Fiammetta Tarli brings a unique perspective to these performances, offering listeners a deeper understanding and appreciation for Schumann's music. Embrace the opportunity to witness the artistry of a performer who truly understands and appreciates the complexities and nuances of Schumann's masterpieces. With this recording, Fiammetta Tarli demonstrates why she is regarded as one of the best piano performers of her generation, bringing to life the timeless genius of Schumann with unparalleled expertise and insight.

Robert Schumann · Fiammetta Tarli, Piano


[1] Papillons, Op. 2 18’14’’

Symphonic Etudes, Op. 13 (Late Version 1852)

[2] Thema 1’27’’

[3] Variation I 1’13’’

[4] Variation II 3’34’’

[5] Variation III 1’33’’

[6] Variation IV 1’01’’

[7] Variation V 1’20’’

[8] Variation VI 1’13’’

[9] Variation VII 1’23’’

[10] Variation VIII 2’06’’

[11] Variation IX 0’47’’

[12] Variation X 1’35’’

[13] Variation XI 3’24’’

[14] Variation XII (Finale) 7’25’’

Five Additional Variations

[15] Thema 1’24’’

[16] Variation I 2’02’’

[17] Variation II 2’24’’

[18] Variation III 1’36’’

[19] Variation IV 3’47’’

[20] Variation V 3’13’’

Total: 60’43’’

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