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Deeply involved in doing research on the works of Robert Schumann, Fiammetta Tarli often includes his works in her concerts and recordings. In her first compact disc released by Gega New (GD 325), the pianist presented some pieces of the composer written in the 1930s. The second programme that we offer may be regarded as a continuation of the first release. The selected works focus again on the same period – these are years connected with a peak of his musical compositional talent, especially in relation to piano music, where Schumann proved to be an innovator in the field of harmony, rhythm and form. His original ideas and innovations were not always accepted by his contemporaries, but at the same time he was recognized as one of the most prominent representatives of Romanticism.
Fiammetta Tarli started studying piano at the age of five. She graduated from the Florence Conservatoire. Then she specialised with some eminent piano teachers and completed her Master’s Degree and PhD at King’s College London, where she specialised on Schumann’s early music. She gives concerts throughout Europe, while continuing her teaching activity. Her first concert in Bulgaria was in 2003.


  • Track Listing

    Abegg Variations, Op. 1 

    [1] Thème sur le nome Abegg— Animato 1’03”

    (Theme on the name „Abegg”)

    [2] Var. I 1’02”

    [3] Var. II 1’09”

    [4] Var. III 1’06”

    [5] Var. IV Cantabile 1’23”

    [6] Finale alla Fantasia 2’53”

    Exercises. Studies in the Form of Variations on a Theme by Beethoven:

    [7] Theme (arr. by Anton Diabelli) 0’54”

    [8] Var. I 0’55”

    [9] Var. II 0’34”

    [10] Var. III 1’06”

    [11] Var. IV — Passionato 0’57”

    [12] Var. V — Molto moderato 1’38”

    [13] Var. VI — Prestissimo 0’45”

    [14] Var. VII 0’48”

    [15] Var. VIII 1’43”

    [16] Var. IX 1’05”

    [17] Var. X — Legato teneramente 0’49”

    [18] Var. XI 1’49”

    [19] Var. XII — Presto 0’49”

    [20] Var. XIII — Cantando 0’57”

    [21] Var. XIV — Idee aus Beethoven (Idea from Beethoven) 1’16”

    [22] Var. XV 1’20”

    Piano Sonata in G minor, Op. 22

    [23] So rasch wie möglich 6’53’’

    [24] Andantino — Getragen 5’39’’

    [25] Scherzo — Sehr rasch und markiert 2’01’’

    [26] Rondo — Presto. Prestissimo 6’01’’

    [27] Ursprüngliches Finale (Original Finale) — Presto Passionato* 6’28”

    DDD: 53’03’’

  • Participating

    Fiammetta Tarli, piano

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