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This collection of works celebrates Rumen Balyozov's 60th birthday and showcases his talent as both a composer and a cellist. The pieces for violoncello and piano highlight the composer's deep understanding and passion for these instruments. Rumen Balyozov's background as a notable cellist adds a special dimension to his compositions, providing a unique perspective and appreciation for the capabilities of the cello. His compositions reflect his extensive musical education and experience in the classical music world. 

The collaboration between the cello and piano in these works creates a beautiful interplay of melodies and harmonies, captivating listeners with its emotional depth and technical brilliance. From the hauntingly beautiful melodies to the powerful and evocative euphony, this collection is a fitting tribute to a truly remarkable musician and composer.


Rumen Balyozov · Works for Violoncello and Piano

  • [1] Wedding capriccio for violoncello 5’12’’

    Bestiary for violoncello and piano

    [2] Monkeys 3’23’’

    [3] Camel 3’28’’

    [4] Antelopes 1’40’’

    [5] Crocodile 2’50’’

    [6] Bat 3’59’’

    [7] Hippopotamus 2’32’’

    [8] Sloth 1’57’’

    [9] Penguin 3’38’’

    Two children’s stories for piano

    [10] Very funny 1’13’’

    [11] Very scary 1’42’’

    “Welcome, 20th century” for violoncello

    (Ventseslav Nikolov version)

    [12] Prologue 1’18’’

    [13] Jazz 4’05’’

    [14] Dodecaphony 3’13’’

    [15] Modernism 2’41’’

    [16] Epilogue 2’10’’

    [17] Capriccio on another occasion 4’09’’

    “Moz-art a la…” for violoncello

    [18] “Moz-art a la Schnittke” for piano 10’36’’

    [19] inVENTSIons for violoncello and piano 7’41’’

    [20] Capriccio on an occasion for violoncello 4’11’’

    (Happy birthday to… )

    Total : 71’36’’

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