The first boys' choir in Sofia was founded in 1968. The idea of the founder Lilyana Todorova was to introduce a new model in the tradition of Bulgarian choral singing. Sofia Boys' Choir established itself quickly in Bulgarian choral art. Its repertoire has been especially varied after 1989, when conductor of the choir became Adriana Blagoeva. Members of the choir are boys aged between 8 and 15, who are trained by experienced teachers on a special curriculum. As many as 1500 children have been trained in the choir since its foundation. Its repertoire includes dozens of works composed between the 15th to the end of the 20th centuries and also embraces works by Bulgarian composers. The choir has always won prestigious prizes when participating at international competitions and festivals and its concerts have been loudly applauded both by the audience and the critics. The choir's conductor, Adriana Blagoeva, graduated from the Pancho Vladigerov State Academy of Music in Sofia majoring in choral conducting. She has worked actively for the choir's fame as a serious choral ensemble of high quality, capable of interpreting works ranging from songs to oratorios.


Recorded in Bulgaria Concert Hall, Sofia, 1999 (13 and 14), and June 2001


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    [1] Magnificat 2'06''

    [2] Quia respexit 1'32''

    [3] Ecce enim ex hoc 0'49''

    [4] Quia fesit 1'56''

    [5] Et misericordia 1'04''

    [6] Fecit potentiam 2'47''

    [7] Deposuit potentes 0'57''

    [8] Esurientes 0'30''

    [9] Sicut locutus 2'56''

    [10] Gloria 2'35''


    Zwei Italienische Canzonetten Op. 4

    [11] Già la notte 5'23''

    [12] Che ciascun per te sospiri 4'40''

    W. A. MOZART 

    [13] Ave Maria 4'04''

    [14] Ave verum corpus 3'26''

    MICHAEL HAYDN (1737 - 1806)

    Deutsche Messe

    [15] Zum Eingang 2'24''

    [16] Zum Gloria 0'42''

    [17] Zum Evangelium 1'20''

    [18] Zum Credo 1'21''

    [19] Zum Offertorium 0'37''

    [20] Zum Sanctus 0'55''

    [21] Nach der Wandlung 1'17''

    [22] Zum Agnus Dei 1'32''

    [23] Zur Kommunion 0'44''

    [24] Zum Segen 0'50''

    [25] Zum Schluss 1'01''

    DDD 47'28''

  • Participating

    Soloists: Irena Petkova (mezzo-soprano),

    Joannis Kiurzoglu (counter-tenor), Nikolay Motsov (tenor),

    Nikolay Petrov (baritone), Atanas Atanassov (organ)

    Chamber Orchestra

    Adriana Blagoeva, conductor