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Experience the beautiful and moving compositions of Maltese composers from the later 20th century with the fifth program in our Sacred Music series. This collection represents another important period in the evolution of Maltese music, showcasing the unique and powerful contributions of composers during this time. Recorded in Malta with the assistance of APS bank, the music comes to life through the skillful and dedicated work of a Bulgarian recording staff.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and profound artistry of Maltese composers as you listen to this exquisite collection of sacred music. Don't miss the opportunity to add this exceptional and moving music to your collection.


Recorded from 29 November to 5 December 2004 at the Porziuncola House, Malta

Sacred Music of The Later 20th Century by Maltese Composers

  • Charles Camilleri
    [1] Anthem: Salve Regina 7'12''
    Rev. John Galea
    [2] Offertorio: Christus Unam 4'59''
    Joseph Vella
    [3] Due pezzi sacri: Salm 89 (op 43) 3'17''
    [4] Ave Maria (op 74) 3'02''
    Joseph Sammut
    [5] Meditazzjoni: Sbuħija tas-Sema 6'35''
    Alberto Borg
    [6] Preghiera: Dolce Signora (Mons. Alberto Pantalleresco) 9'20''
    Dion Buhagiar
    [7] Talba (Oliver Friggieri) 3'43''
    Joseph Fenech
    [8] Ave Maria 4'01''
    Lorenzo Galea
    [9] Sinfonia: Paulus 7'56''
    Carmelo Pace
    [10] Inno: T’accogliam Pane celeste 5'12''
    (V. M. Pellegrini) 
    Giuseppe Camilleri
    [11] Psalm: Laudate pueri 9'37''
    DDD 64'54''
  • Soloists: Joseph Aquilina (tenor)

    Alfred Camilleri (baritone); Anthony Montebello (bass)

    The Jubal Mixed Voice Choir; The Jubal Orchestra

    Rev. John Galea, Conductor

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