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Sacred Music of The Later 20th Century by Maltese Composers, Vol. 2
This second volume in the series presents a selection of sacred music from the later 20th century, showcasing the depth and diversity of the Maltese musical tradition.
The collection brings a unique and diverse selection of sacred music, featuring compositions by iconic Maltese composers such as Anton Nani, Joseph Vella, and Vincenzo Bugeja. The hauntingly beautiful compositions are expertly performed, creating a deeply moving and spiritual listening experience that will transport the listener to another realm. From choral works to organ pieces, this album offers a rich tapestry of sacred music, reflecting the creativity and talent of Maltese composers in the later part of the 20th century and provide a window into the rich musical tradition of Malta.

Recorded in May 2004 at the Seminary, Rabat, Malta

Sacred Music of The Later 20th Century by Maltese Composers, Vol. 2

Luigi Fenech
[1] Preludio religioso 5’20’’
Giuseppe Vella
[2] Terzetto: Qui tollis 9’56’’
Anton Nani
[3] Hymn: O Salutaris Hostia 6’56’’
Paolo Nani
[4] Lamentazione: Incipit oratio 10’31’’
Vincenzo Bugeja
[5] Antifonia: Vade Anania 6’32’’
Emmanuele Galea
[6] Sinfonia Pastorale 9’04’’
Anton Nani
[7] Laudate Pueri 6’18’’
[8] Quis sicut Dominus 6’50’’
[9] Gloria patri 2’52’’
DDD 64’19’’


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