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Introducing the skin.double, a captivating and innovative compositions by the renowned composer and conductor, Simeon Pironkoff, Junior. This project is a testament to Pironkoff's innovative approach to music, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences with his unique and emotive compositions.
The author’s programme includes works where the accordion plays a key role.  In the selected pieces in this programme it is used along with the flute, clarinet, cello, percussions and the ancient Chinese instrument sheng. 
The skin.double   showcase the versatility and complexity of the accordion, pushing the boundaries of what the instrument can achieve in a contemporary classical music context. Audiences can expect to be drawn in by the mesmerizing and unexpected sounds produced by the combination of accordion and other instruments, reflecting the artist's deep understanding and mastery of contemporary classical music. 

skin.double · Simeon Pironkoff, Junior

  • [1] skin.double – quintet for flute, clarinet, accordion, percussions and cello 10:58
    [2] Entwirrung for quarter-tone accordion solo 16:35
    Fall/Wende for sheng and quarter-tone accordion
    (life recording, 2006)
    [3] Prologue 1: 51
    [4] I. 2:38
    [5] II. 3:57
    [6] III. 4 :53
    nach dem (vor) bild (oder vor?)
    for flute, cello, and quarter-tone accordion (2009)
    [7] Vor-Bild 3:03
    [8] Nach-Bild 7:22
    DDD 51:17

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