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This stunning album, part of the series of liturgical music released by Gega New, showcases the extraordinary vocal talents of the Sofia Priest Choir, known for their incredibly moving and hauntingly beautiful renditions of traditional Orthodox chants. Led by prominent Bulgarian clergymen who were masters in the details of Orthodox singing, the choir delivers a moving and authentic rendition of these sacred chants. Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Orthodox music with the Sofia Priest Choir, and let their heavenly voices transport you to a place of peace and reverence. From hauntingly beautiful hymns to joyful celebrations of faith, this recording offers a truly authentic and unforgettable listening experience for fans of Orthodox music.

Sofia Priest Choir · Orthodox Chants

  • [1] From the Great Litany - an Eastern Church chant, mode 8 4'01"

    [2] From Ps. 102 (103), mode 8 - adapted by L. Ignatov 4'17"

    [3] O Holy God, mode 3 - after N. Tuleshkov 1'51"

    [4] From Litany of Fervent Supplication, mode 6 2'50"

    [5] Cherubic Hymn, mode 5 - Bolgarskii rospev 6'00"

    [6] A Mercy of Peace, mode 5 – Bolgarskoe 7'40"

    [7] Meet It Is, mode 5 - Ioan H. Ohridsky 3'27"

    [8] Praise the Lord from the Heavens (Ps. 148), 5'51"
    mode 5 - St. John Koukouzeles, adapted by L. Ignatov

    [9] The Angel's Lament - P. Dinev 2'12"

    [10] In Thy Kingdom - D. Hristov, arr. by I. Kurtev 2'13"

    [11] All My Trust - P. Dinev 3'09"

    [12] O God, Save Thy People - P. Chesnokov, arr. by D. Dimitrov 3'42"

    [13] The Sematron Is Pealing (lyrics by Ivan Vazov) - 3'03"
    T. Koichev (Bishop Tihon), arr. by K. Popov

    [14] Legend of the Twelve Robbers (lyrics by N. Nekrasov) - arr. by S. Zharov 5'37"

    [15] How Glorious Is Our God - D. Bortnyansky 3'35"

    [16] Song in Praise of Sts. Cyril and Methodius (Part 1) - D. Solovyov 2'06"

    [17] Grant, O Lord, Many Years (Mnogaya leta) - I. Sorokin, D. Bortnyansky 2'35"

    DDD 64'59"

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