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The "Sofia" String Quartet showcases their expertise with their recording of Shostakovich's String Quartets No. 8, 10, and 11. These chosen pieces perfectly capture the depth and emotion of the great Russian composer's work, bringing out the richness of his creative imagination. The quartets, each with their own unique form and structure, display Shostakovich's mastery of modes and metric rhythms, highlighting his original solutions and innovation. This recording is a brilliant expression of the composer's talent and sensitivity

Shostakovich · String Quartetes No. 8, 10 & 11

  • STRING QUARTET No. 8 Op. 110 19'40''
    [1] Largo
    [2] Allegro molto
    [3] Allegretto
    [4] Largo
    [5] Largo
    STRING QUARTET No. 10 Op.118 22'14''
    [6] Andante
    [7] Allegretto furioso
    [8] Adagio
    [9] Allegretto
    STRING QUARTET No. 11 Op.122 15'23''
    [10] INTRODUCTION Andantino
    [11] SCHERZO Allegretto
    [12] RECITATIVE Adagio
    [13] ETUDE Allegro
    [14] HUMORESQUE Allegro
    [15] ELEGY Adagio
    [16] CONCLUSION Moderato
    DDD 57'17"

  • Vassil Valchev (violin), Nikolai Gagov (violin),
    Valentin Gerov (viola), Konstantin Bespalov (violoncello)

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