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The Concertmasters · Svetlin Roussev, Violin

Welcome to the world of mesmerizing violin performances by Svetlin Roussev, one of the best violin performers of our time. "The Concertmasters" showcases his extraordinary skill and artistry in a collection that highlights the works of classical composers from various periods. Roussev, brings to life the nuances and emotions of each composition with his unparalleled technique and passion for music. This CD promises to transport you to the heart of the music and leave you in awe of Roussev's mastery of the violin. With each note, he weaves a tapestry of sound that is both powerful and profound, leaving listeners spellbound.

The Concertmasters · Svetlin Roussev, Violin



Concerto for violin and piano in D minor

[1] Àllegro 18'30''

[2] Adagio 9'15''

[3] Allegro molto 8'26''


Antonio VIVALDI - The Four Seasons

Spring, Concerto in E major

[4] Allegro 3'29''

[5] Largo e pianissimo sempre 2'41''

[6] Danza pastorale: Allegro 3'52''

Winter, Concerto in F minor

[7] Allegro non molto 3'20''

[8] Largo 1'52''

[9] Allegro 3'22''

Total: 54'47''

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