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Vladigerov, Hadjiev & Stoyanov

Introducing the mesmerizing debut album by the Duo Burova & Tchakarova, featuring the timeless compositions of Bulgarian musical legends Vladigerov, Hadjiev, and Stoyanov. This dynamic duo, comprised of two young and exceptionally talented Bulgarian performers, brings a fresh and captivating interpretation to the works of these iconic composers. In their first album released in Bulgaria, Duo Burova & Tchakarova have curated a program that fully showcases the depth and beauty of Bulgarian musical heritage. From the captivating melodies of Vladigerov to the expressive pieces of Hadjiev and Stoyanov, this album is a true celebration of Bulgarian classical music. With their masterful performance, Duo Burova & Tchakarova have crafted a remarkable musical experience for listeners to enjoy and appreciate.

Vladigerov, Hadjiev & Stoyanov



[1] Song from “Bulgarian Suite”, op. 21 6’42’’


Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano

[2] Allegro con fuoco 5’04’’

[3] Adagio 5’09’’

[4] Scherzo vivace 2’50’’

[5] Allegro molto 3’55’’


Sonata for Violin and Piano

[6] Agitato 6’57’’

[7] Andante cantabile 6’29’’

[8] Allegretto 3’59’’

[9] Allegro 5’20’’


[10] “Vardar” Bulgarian Rhapsody, op. 16 8’17’’

DDD 54’47’’

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