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Embark on a musical journey through the Western Rhodope Mountains with our collection of Authentic Bulgarian Folk Songs performed by Bulgarian-Muslims from the village of Draginovo. These performers have preserved the most typical characteristics of the folk-musical dialect of the region, including the two-part singing, small tonal range, and simple ornamentation. The use of the tamboura as a solo or accompanying instrument adds a unique and authentic touch to the traditional folk songs. Immerse yourself in the curious and captivating sound of Bulgarian folk music with this one-of-a-kind collection. Their unique and captivating sound will transport you to the Western Rhodope Mountains, where these timeless songs have been passed down through generations.


It is a phenomenon in the end of the 20th century to discover and record songs whose age cannot be precisely determined. Yet one thing is certain, that part of them were published in the VEDA SLOVENA collection (Belgrade, 1874).

Authentic Bulgarian Folk Songs

  • [1] Oy le, sino, huseino 4'58''

    [2] Razvil mi sa e zelen mi chadur 3'36''

    [3] Ovcharska melodia 1'30''

    [4] Sluntse, milo sluntse 3'17''

    [5] Kato odish, selim ago 3'22''

    [6] Razbule se moytu libe 0'55''

    [7] Tezhko mu bilo, troudno mu bilo 2'04''

    [8] More, zatrudnela griva vayda 3'35''

    [9] Trima bratya pravyat smilena sgrada 2'19''

    [10] Dve godini goden hodeh 2'31''

    [11] Doyde prolet 3'27''

    [12] Orach ide ot orane 3'32''

    [13] Aysheto 1'20''

    [14] Prez more plouvam, aman 2'41''

    [15] More, stani, yanum, sumnalo e 3'44''

    [16] Melodia na sborishte 1'10''

    [17] Ne zhali, dosto, mori 4'40''

    [18] More, legnal yunak 2'46''

    [19] Indje voyvoda 1'36''

    [20] Stani mi, geline, soutrin rano 2'38''

    [21] Hay, razbolel se bash bayraktar 2'40''

    [22] Rhodopskata 0'51''

    [23] Dali tl e zhalno, koukoulich voyvoda 3'06''

    [24] Veke mi se, mila male, dodeyelo 3'13''

    [25] Boukya yaboukya rodila 4'22''

    DDD 70'50''

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