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An interesting musical formation presents music by Mario Stantchev, Hristo Yotsov, Herbie Hancock, Weyne Shorter, etc., collected in the album “Autumn Leaves in Sofia”. The musicians Mario Stantchev, Hristo Yotsov and Dimitar Karamfilov belong to the European Jazz elite. They all enjoy an impressive artistic career.
Mario Stantchev began his career in Bulgaria and continued to work in France, where he is a professor in the Jazz Department founded by him at Lyon’s Conservatory. He has performed with famous musicians in Europe, Asia and America and has been awarded prizes at festivals and medals for merits in the cultural development of France.
Hristo Yotsov is a professor in Sofia’s Music Academy and is one of the most prominent names on the Bulgarian jazz stage. He has played at various concerts and festivals in Bulgaria and in other countries and is prize-winner of prestigious awards at European jazz festivals.
Dimitar Karamfilov is a young musician, who has already made a name for himself. He takes part in various Bulgarian bands and has participated in international projects.
In 2013, after some concerts with the Bulgarian National Radio and jazz festivals in Varna, the idea for this project came quite naturally. The musicians realized it later on, when Mario Stantchev visited Sofia. Hristo Yotsov regards the result as a “good recording, very honest and authentic, without any corrections or fear of mistakes. Real and spontaneous – just the way jazz music is!”


  • Track Listing

    Mario Stantchev

    [1] Kassap Do 4'55''
    [2] Pop Passacaglia 7'05''
    Weyne Shorter
    [3] Footprints 5'25''
    Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays
    [4] James 5'37''
    Mario Stantchev
    [5] 6/4 = 9 7'08''
    [6] So Long Dear Joe Z 6'08''
    Herbie Hancock
    [7] Dolphin Dance 9'33''
    Hristo Yotsov
    [8] Blues 24 5'42''
    Joseph Kosma/Jacques Prevert
    [9] Autumn Leaves 3'46''
    DDD: 55'23''

  • Participating

    Mario Stantchev, piano
    Hristo Yotsov, drums
    Dimitar Karamfilov, bass

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